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 Explosion tut.

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PostSubject: Explosion tut.   Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:10 pm

[size=150]THE EXPLOSION TUTORIAL![/size]

right, i'm gonna teach you guys how to do an explosion. But first, you might want some sticks, luckily i have a piv for an animation i made.

It's kinda bad, because i rushed it to make this tutorial. I will make a better one... Soon.


So, i will explain what to do, in words! WOW!


Step one-
The .piv file. Steal the sticks.

Step two-
Take explosion 1- the explosion i used in the first 6 frames, and place it on the screen >_>

Step three-
For 6 frames, increase the size of the explosion by one, every time.

Step four-
Get the second stick, and place it where the first stick was.

Step five-
for 3 frames, increase the stick size by one. (Notice i haven't done that.)

Step six-
Get the 3rd stick, and place it over the second.

Seven( got tired of writing Step >_>)
No wait, instantly get the fourth stick and place it.

now, we're going to apply Newton's Law of Ph- Animation C:. So get the fifth stick and increase the stick size by 1 for 3 frames.

Place the 6th stick, on the screen and put explosion one stick in the centre of the bigger explosion, increase the explosion 1 every five frames- both the little and the big stick.

Basically repeat, just the increase should go up by 6, then it should dissapear. Which i'll go with in a particle lesson. K?

Good luck, post results.
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Explosion tut.
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