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 Pivot Mini-Dictionary

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PostSubject: Pivot Mini-Dictionary   Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:15 am

Okay, so this mini-dictionary is intended to be read by pivot newbies this is why only frequently used words will be here and every once in a while I'll update to make sure they understand everything related to pivot.

Here, lets start
1.Pivot- It is the name of the program Peter Bone
created for animating sticks, now it is one of the most famous
programs used by people.

2.Courtesy- It means that someone has given a
thoughtful comment to you and request for you
to do the same in their thread.

3.Easing- This is a method used in animating used
for making a smooth animation it's main principle
is taken from a slow car to speed then slow down again
until it finally stops. In short, its the gradual acceleration and deceleration of objects.

4.Physics- It means as how realistic the animation
is to the eyes of the viewers. Things that fall under this can be gravity, the nature of the effect you're using, and the way something is performed.

5.Stiffness- It is how stiff your stick movements
are a stiff animation looks like sticks are robots

6.Particles-Are small sticks used for blood,ground,beams,etc
these are the small parts left behind by the ones mentioned above

7.Collabs- This is short for collaboration, this is
the animations of 3 or more animators with a certain theme
after everybody is done they will put it together and make it
a flash animation
NOTE-Certain Collabs May/May not have rank requirements

8.Joint- These is like a collab, but with less people
and without a theme. Also, this is rarely flashed,
it's two or more animators doing ONLY ONE animation.

9.PW- Short term for Pivot War, this is done/made by
two animators sending each other their stick bases and sig stick.
They then animate their stick base battling the other's stick base,
and whoever has the best animation wins.

10.Smoothness- Smoothness is how fluid your
animation is.
Note- Making an Eased and Unstiff animation can help you achieve a smooth animation

11.Heavy Spacing- Okay this is a style of
animating some animators prefer, this style
has the principle of animating in this manner
Note:the | are the frames and - are the
pixels moved and that some users cannot go
to much in the ranks using this style. Or, you can picture it as the acceleration and deceleration more immediate than with regular easing.

12.Blur- This is an effect that can be made
by making A faded/lighter toned copy of the obj./stick in the same place
as before you moved it

13.Trail- This is an effect that is like blur, but this
effect leaves some sort of trail on a fast movement(usually)
and it also reinforces the idea that something/someone moves fast

14.Camera Movements- This is the effect that
shows different camera views like 1st person view,2nd,3rd,etc
this also builds up tension(sometimes) and is used for
making an animation a lot more professional/cooler.

15.Onion Skin- This is a trail that shows the previous
movement of an object/stick figure. It is grey in color and doesn't
show in the actual animation.

16.General Shadow- It is a stick that is oval in shape
and serves as a general shadow

17.Full Shadow- It is the shadow of a
stick shown by making a copy of it doing
the same movements, it is usually colored
grey it is usually shown in 3d backgrounds
it shows professionalism and makes an animation
look more cooler

And yeah for final words I'll be posting animations, pictures and diagrams here in the near future for better understanding I'm not really good with animations, pictures and diagrams so if anyone is willing to share his then I'll be happy to put it here and credit them. Also, credit to Endless for stickying, editing the grammar, and adding in explanations. bye for now :D
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Pivot Mini-Dictionary
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