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 How to make good tutorials

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PostSubject: How to make good tutorials   Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:33 am

It's kinda funny a tutorial for making a tutorial lol, well I want us to have some good tutorials for our dear members. So, here's how to make a good tut.

The Guidelines

  1. Explain it specifically with the right details.
  2. Make it understandable by using correct spelling and grammar.
  3. It's best to include multiple images for more detail.
  4. Make it ordered, in a certain format that is clean and organized.
  5. Use simple words that everyone can easily understand, this is a forum for all ages ain't it?
  6. Remember to give off some examples too, and if it's a pivot tutorial then remember to give off the .piv files for them to study carefully.
  7. Do not give off wrong details - please make sure the details are 100% accurate and correct.
  8. Do not get off topic, this is a tutorial please make it as good as possible
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How to make good tutorials
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